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It's no longer news that cooperative societies are one of the most reliable sources of savings and investment with high value. Many people key into it while few people appreciate it and the tremendous possibilities it provides. Hence, these opportunities are tapped and only enjoyed by a fraction of society. This opportunity is one of the tools used, especially in eradicating poverty and improving citizens' welfare.

We have come to establish Seedershub as a modern cooperative equipped with FINTECH services to create financial solutions, job creation, and provide more value among participants that will be second to none. We intend to show Nigerians by giving a new meaning to the cooperative efforts using a technology system online platform. Success comes from pulling different strings. We are sure to help you with some strings, including affiliate earning systems, loans, rewards and many more. Becoming a Seeder on this platform will be the best decision you will ever make this year as you will get outstanding financial solutions from us. Nobody is sure about the future, and we can help reduce the uncertainties with SeedersHub's grand plans for your savings/investment, which will be a good start in your saving journey this year and beyond.

Cooperative societies help participants to develop a saving culture as nobody can escape poverty without a saving habit. Anyone that spends everything on consumption is just a step close to poverty. Saving is made relatively easy with cooperatives because every member must regularly contribute without default.

SeedersHub Cooperatives offer participants access to more values including loans either in cash credit or in the form of goods. As it is difficult for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, it is for the average individual to get a loan from banks. For low-income earners, it is even worse, because they don’t have collateral. Even for those that can meet the conditions for bank loans, the loan may not come promptly as needed, and it usually comes with a tremendous interest rate. But as a member of a Seedershub cooperative, a loan can be quickly accessed as your consistent contributions serve as collateral. Also, the Seedershub interest rate and repayment terms are not as crushing as that of the banks and other loan platforms. This easy access to loans has helped many people achieve improved welfare.


You are automatically a Seeder immediately you join us and get activated. You must know that it's an unwise decision to hold all of your money in your hands without any interest or growth. Hence, being a Seeder and sowing your money as a seed makes your money grow abundant with enough fruits (interest in the form of annual dividends and more profit). You will have the opportunity to earn with us as we grow while you can also apply for a loan that you can use to push up either getting yourself assets or growing your business.

With a good plan on Seedershub savings, you will be earning a whopping interest (dividends) returns of 18% annually. Your one third membership fee is automatically your first saving on SeedersHub, which you will be earning interest daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. You can then decide to save more to make more profit. The more seed you sow, the more fruit you reap.

Savings / Investment

Seedershub savings/investment system is developed to suit your needs with a good plan for the money. The future can be even brighter, but a goal without a plan is just a wish. We offer you an impressive interest rate (dividends) for the smartest way to plan, save & invest your money. Becoming a Seeder will enable you to plan for any bills, housing, education, family & a lot more.

Build a residual income and create wealth with Seedershub while you sit back, relax & let your money work for you anytime, anywhere.

About SeedersHub

SeedersHub Cooperative is a certified project that commenced operations in February 2020, duly registered under SECTION 6 CHAPTER C14 of the Cooperative Society Law of Lagos of Nigeria 2015 with registration number LSCS 17122. Through joint effort and network membership, following the vision 2020 and beyond of being a prime financial solution platform in Nigeria. Using advanced technology system online, through the provision of exceptional financial solution services, delivering unique and distinctive value and positively empowering our members and investors in the battle against poverty. Our mission is to elucidate the uncanny challenge of funding for those who genuinely have an entrepreneurial vision and are willing to take a bold step and push up towards the distant future.

Our philosophy is to take advantage of the power and wondrous possibilities in collective efforts. We strongly believe that people can accomplish a lot together compare to an individual. Young entrepreneurs and small business owners can achieve their dreams with or without the outrageous local bank loans with a massive interest rate. Hence, we take a modern approach to credit cooperation as we develop collective effort opportunities and strengthen our economy using the technology system.

Membership application on SeedersHub Co-operative is fully open to individuals who are interested in becoming financially free by taking advantage of collective effort. The membership fee is a token amount of money with instant registration within a few minutes without any paperwork or filling excessive forms.

 SeedersHub Cooperative Society also provides the following products and services:

  • Cooperate FINTECH Services
  • Social Media Products and IT Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Poetry Farming
  • Procurement of New cars
  • Provision of Houses through house ownership schemes and mortgage loans
  • Facilities and payment of monthly bills
  • Regular, Business, Short term and Special Loans
  • Food Items and Groceries.

Privacy & Security is Predominant

On SeedersHub, your data or personal data we use are encrypted and protected, and only for the purpose of KYC policy which is important that we also remain compliant and secure. We will never share your data with third parties. We have strict policies in place that ensure our processes and method of operation are adequately conveyed, and members' data is protected for safety. Banking services are provided in partnership with Providus Bank Limited. Seedershub Verve® Card is issued by Providus Bank pursuant to a license from Verve International and may be used everywhere Verve debit cards are accepted.

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SeedersHub is much more than a cooperative society platform but a modern FINTECH cooperative system. We bring you the financial services solution with top-drawer ways to earn more money and save more while you also get a low-interest loan credit. SeedersHub Cooperative is duly registered and licensed with registration number LSCS 17122. Through the joint effort and network membership, following the vision 2020 and beyond of being a prime financial solution cooperative platform in Nigeria.

Payments and transactions on SeedersHub both paying in and out are carried out via Paystack, a PCI-DSS certified payment platform with bank-level security to ensure your transactions and financial information is kept safe at all times.

Head Office: 🇳🇬 1A Gbemisola Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.

Contact: 08120389795 (Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm) SMS / Whatsapp: 08169787210 - [email protected]

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