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SeedersHub offers you access to more values including overdraft opportunities either in cash credit or in the form of goods. Developed with a unique membership system, enriched with daily interest on savings, wallet P2P transfer, bank transfer, bulk payout, bill payments and many more.


Seedershub wallet savings system is developed to suit your needs with a good plan for your money. The future can be brighter, but a goal without a plan is just a wish. We offer you an impressive interest rate (dividends) for the smartest way to plan your money. Becoming a Seeder will enable you to plan for any bills, housing, education, family & a lot more with multiple options of saving goals.

Build a residual income and create wealth with Seedershub while you sit back, relax & let your money work for you anytime, anywhere.

Prepaid Debit Card

While you have full access to your fund on Seedershub, we make sure you have an easy way to withdraw your earnings or cash out your money at any time. Hence we issue an instant prepaid debit card that you can use anywhere on both ATM, POS or Web. We offer you a convenient system of not only earning, saving and getting a loan but getting full access to your money at any time of your need without any restrictions.

Money Transfer / Bulk Payout

Our money transfer service with a bulk payout system will give you the rest of your mind with instant delivery. You can rest assured of the receiver get value instantly. Either with our API integration or single transfer. You can also transfer between member to member and to any local bank account with instant delivery.

Airtime, Data And Bill Payment

We offer you hassle FREE way to pay for your cable TV subscription, utility bills, insurance, data, airtime and so much more from your Seedershub wallet. You can also set automation to pay recurring bills with reminders for scheduled and timely payments without getting cut off.

Convenient Overdraft

Getting a personal or business loan has never been easy with a high rate of interest. At SeedersHub's low-interest credits, it's all about you and, we will deliver more than you expected.

Business And Developer API

Seedershub offers seamless API integration for your great product. As we offer financial services to everyone through REST APIs and without you doing the heavy lifting. Seedershub API includes Payout API, Wallet balance API and a lot more. Get in touch with us to build your smarter and faster product and services.

Privacy & Security is Predominant

On SeedersHub, your data or personal data we use are encrypted and protected, and only for the purpose of KYC policy which is important that we also remain compliant and secure. We will never share your data with third parties. We have strict policies in place that ensure our processes and method of operation are adequately conveyed, and members' data is protected for safety. Banking services are provided in partnership with Providus Bank Limited. Seedershub Verve® Card is issued by Providus Bank pursuant to a license from Verve International and may be used everywhere Verve debit cards are accepted.

SeedersHub is much more than a cooperative society platform but a modern FINTECH cooperative system. We bring you the financial services solution with top-drawer ways to earn more while you save and get a low-interest overdraft. SeedersHub Cooperative is duly registered and licensed with registration number LSCS 17122. Through the joint effort and network membership, following the vision 2020 and beyond of being a prime financial solution FINTECH cooperative platform in Nigeria.

Banking services provided by Providus Bank Limited. The Seedershub Verve® Card is issued by Providus Bank pursuant to a license from Verve International and may be used everywhere Verve debit cards are accepted.

Contact: (Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm) Call / SMS / Whatsapp: 07032427429, 08169787210 - [email protected]

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